Greta Thunberg: The Young Climate Activist Who Is Teaching Many A Leadership Lessons To The Youth Of The World


Some time ago, during the World Economic Forum Shape Eurasia Conference held in Istanbul, a bunch of high school students were seen leading a climate change workshop and explaining why they were actively supporting Greta Thunberg in her climate change crusade across the world. That showed a marked change in the attitude of youth towards this subject and how it is increasingly taking responsibility in this area today.

Post her address at the UN General Assembly, everyone was polarised on Thunberg’s message and method of working for climate change. While a great multitude of millennials support Thunberg very strongly, there are some people and business organisations who appear to mock everything that she stands for, including the way she speaks.

Although Greta Thunberg isn’t the first-ever climate activist of the high school age, she has undoubtedly proven to be the most impactful one so far. It won’t be wrong to state that she is today the face of a global youth movement, which is emphatically asking the elders to take care of the planet’s future.

Having been rebuffed in 2019, Greta Thunberg is once again amongst the top contenders for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. Let’s tell you about some leadership lessons that she is actively teaching to the youth of today, through her conduct.

Non alignment

As Greta Thunberg doesn’t have any direct association with any of the big climate organisations, she feels empowered to speak her mind on all platforms. Affiliations to such organisations comes with certain pros and cons, however, often the activists have to go gentle on the internal inconsistencies.

Although her detractors have gone out of the way to create imaginative stories around her actions, no one has been able to prove anything. Many have even highlighted her privileges being the daughter of an accomplished author and opera singer. However, having been born privileged is something that is out of her control. At least she has been channelling her privilege into something purposeful.

Consistency of the message

Right from the day one when Greta Thunberg started her protest opposite the Swedish Parliament, the young activist has been extremely clear about her demands.

Use of humour

Post her speech at the UNGA, Donald Trump, the President of the United States had tweeted her video with a sarcastic comment that she seemed like a happy young girl who is looking forward to a wonderful and bright future.

Only a few moments after Pres Trump posted that tweet, Thunberg replaced her Twitter bio with a message that said a happy young girl who is looking forward to a wonderful and bright future. With this action not only she won millions of hearts, but also showed her style and class, which is often found lacking in case of public discourses.

Diversity of thought

As everyone might be aware, Greta Thunberg suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, which she often refers to as her superpower. Greta thoroughly believes that her neurodiversity has allowed her to look at climate change from a completely different perspective.