5 Ways to Get Better at Sex


The best way to get better at sex is to practise a lot. Sometimes, though, for whatever reason, you might be reluctant to try this method.

Maybe you are afraid that your partner might be less than happy with your performance, or perhaps becoming a sex-god is your main goal in life. Whatever the reason, there are things that could help you, and no – you won’t need to buy a penis pump. Let’s go!

Sex dolls

You might think that sex dolls are for losers, but it’s you who has just clicked on the article titled “5 ways to get better at sex”, so please, no judging. Not everyone is born a sex expert. If you want to get better, you need to practise.

Unfortunately, it might be that you are avoiding sex because you are afraid that you might disappoint your partner, which would be about the same as getting excommunicated in the XIV century.

If you want to be absolutely sure that there won’t be any mean words thrown around, you could practise on a sex doll first. Our brains are weird, but it doesn’t stop there; our bodies are weird as well. You won’t instinctively know what feels good unless you try it. Whatever you do, a sex doll won’t complain. The worst that can happen is her head could fall off.

Be patient

One of the most common mistakes is rushing it too much. I know, there are things that you can’t wait to put your hands on, but sex shouldn’t be a sprint, but a… well, it shouldn’t be a marathon either; rather, something in between. It means that your partner wouldn’t mind longer foreplay.

Show her some love and attention, explore every part of her body with your fingers and tongue and see how she reacts. No, there are no erogenous zones on her elbows. Try delicately biting her neck or inner thighs. If she remains expressionless, perhaps you need to find a real woman and not a sex doll.

If you are a competitive type, you could measure how long you can resist the temptation to undress your partner completely. If you wait until the moment you two can’t control yourselves anymore, your sex is going to be passionate, and there won’t be any issues with insufficient lubrication. If such problems do persist, check out this site, and try out another method.


When it comes to sex, one of the best ways to improve your performance is to exercise regularly. It can help you in a myriad of ways:

  • It will be easier for you to maintain your erection. Improving your blood circulation is crucial if you want to make it easier for the blood to flow into your nether regions, and unfortunately, as you get older, it won’t be getting any easier.
  • Sex itself can be pretty tiring. If you don’t want to take breaks every few minutes, you should try to improve your endurance.
  • You’ll look better. Sure, you should love yourself no matter how you look, but the chances are, losing a few pounds wouldn’t hurt a bit. At the same time, your partner will lust for you more, and there is no better reward for your hard work than this.
  • Exercising a lot will boost your libido, which means that you’ll be more likely to engage in sex. And if you have sex more frequently, you’ll get better at it, eventually.
  • Exercising regularly will boost your mood and self-confidence, and if you are a rather shy person, it could help you break out of your shell.

Kegel exercises

There’s one thing that you could do anywhere to get better at sex without anyone noticing. No, it’s not fantasizing about your neighbor; instead, it’s doing Kegel exercises. You can do them anywhere – in work, waiting in line, or riding a car.

Why is it so important? If you don’t want to end the love-making session just yet, but no matter how hard you try to focus on the algebra, you finish anyway, kegels would do wonders.

If you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, you’ll be able to last longer, and you’ll more easily get erect. Just try to think up some excuse, in case your boss notices that you are looking at the floor with a very intense look on your face. Your lady can do them too! Those exercises can increase the enjoyment of sex of both men and women!

Don’t be too serious!

I know that if you are horny, then you don’t really think about it that much, but let’s be honest: people are weird. And right now I’m not talking about the fact that we often act in a surprising way, no-no.

Instead, penises and vaginas are weird. Maybe it’s because we are so used to seeing other body parts that they no longer seem odd, though ears are still weird-looking as hell. And sex. There’s a lot of sweating, making funny noises, with your mouths, but not only. And it’s a mess.

How can you stay serious doing all those things? It’s just impossible, and there’s no need for that. If you want to make this experience more enjoyable for both sides, don’t be afraid to laugh if something funny happens.