Tips to Attend an Evening Event When You’re Expecting


First of all, congratulations on entering the realms of pregnancy. It is time to experience what you must have heard growing up that days of pregnancy are the most miraculous and beautiful ones.

Of course, they are going to be quite challenging as well because your life is changing so much and in no time. Every day will make you experience something new. Especially, your body is undergoing transformations that are novel to you and you do not know how to feel about them.

Finding yourself a decent attire or outfit for an evening out can prove to be an unpleasant ordeal. Well, this article is going to offer ideas about bump girl short dresses for an elegant and comfortable evening out.

Choose Comfort Over Everything

This should be your mantra in normal life too but when you are expecting, it is an entirely different story and you do not want to compromise on your comfort in this situation.

Firstly, make sure that the place you are going to visit does not demand too much of work or effort.

For example, if there is too much walking, climbing or too much physical activity involved, you can courteously inform the host beforehand that you will not be a part of it and certain arrangements should be made. Be mindful of what you are feeling and do not push yourself too much.

Don’t Shy Away

It goes without saying that the women who are expecting to be mothers are quite embarrassed by what their body is going through and how it looks like. This is one of the reasons why the expecting others avoid going out and prefer to stay in the vicinity of their own homes.

It should not be like that because what you are going through is completely natural. It should not hold you back from any social interactions. Everyone knows it happens. If people are looking, it is their problem, not yours. So, embrace what you are going through and show up!

Pick a Dress

It is true that when you are expecting, your options for dressing become limited. However, you can still choose something that goes with your body and rock the look. Besides pants and tops, you can go for dresses as well. Dresses are in a flow and you will not worry much about your overall look in them either.

Now among the dresses, you can choose the long ones or the short ones. If you do not have one, you can shop for short dresses. You should be careful about what fabric you are ordering because you may develop skin irritations by certain fabrics during your pregnancy. Other than that, feel free to go for any design you like or prefer and enjoy in the dress of your dreams.

Take Your Healthy Snacks Along

You must have realized by now that when you are expecting, your taste buds go off the rails as well. The things you liked eating or having are the ones that make you puke at the sight of it and the ones that you never even tasted for once are now your favorites. Even this is not constant throughout your pregnancy.

So, you know best what you are eating on which days. Hence, it is thoughtful and convenient to carry your preferred snacks with you so the host or you do not feel guilty. Also, these will serve as good options for you to munch on throughout the evening as you will tend to get hungrier and more famished than the other guests in the evening.

Prepare Your Bag

You might have experienced that as you are now expecting, your purse is filled with pretty different things than what it used to have before. So, when you are going out for an evening, you must put things in it accordingly. For example, you should always carry sanitizer, a shawl or a piece of shrug, necessary medicines, or if you have a favorite cushion, bring it along as well.

There is no shame in being prepared with what you need. You can have your vitamins, any special water you are using or hand cream and moisturizer if your skin tends to dry a lot. These preparations will save you from worry or trouble and enable you to have a good time out.


So, the aforementioned ways are some tips for you to follow or keep in mind when you are planning to head out when you are pregnant. You do not have anything to worry about as you will be prepared for everything you need in advance.

Be yourself, do not shy away. In fact, be comfortable in your skin and enjoy the company of people before your kid comes along and takes up all of your time. It is important to enjoy it all while you can!